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Research Programs

Clinical-based Research


Collaborative Interactions

Collaborative Interactions

Expression profiling has been a major focus of the Program; this work involves a nodal point collaboration comprising investigators in Cancer Genetics working with Neuro-Oncology Program members. Analyses have been performed on primary human gliomas and medulloblastomas. Thus far, the interests of the group have centered on searching for expression signatures that inform clinical questions of tumor classification and outcome.

In addition, the Neuro-Oncology program has worked extensively with members of the Cancer Biology Program to define the genes that regulate development of the normal brain.  The Program reasons that there may be considerable overlap between genes that are essential for normal brain development and genes that, when disrupted, give rise to cancers of the brain.

Between 2001 and 2004 Program members published a total of 1443 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.  More than a third of these papers (36%) were the outcome of inter-programmatic, inter-institutional, or intra-programmatic collaborations with two or more DF/HCC authors.