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Research Programs

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Program Events

Program Events

Program retreats and symposia for the 2006-2007 academic year are currently in the planning stage. Examples of Program activities for the 2004-2005 academic year include:

  • Two-Day Symposium on Oncolytic Viral Therapy

Participants included members from MGH, BWH, CHMC, and DFCI as well as outside speakers and scientific experts in tumor virology. Their collective expertise encompassed: the study of cancer-causing viruses; viruses that can be used to treat cancer (oncolytic viruses); the response of the immune system to acute virus infection and to tumor cell growth; and the analysis of potentially oncolytic viruses in translational settings.

  • Invited Lectures in Neuro-Oncology

These talks were sponsored at neurology and neurosurgery grand rounds of the DF/HCC hospitals. This past year, outside speakers included Drs. Webster Cavenee (“Molecular Genetics of Brain Tumors”), Darrell Bigner (“Immunotherapy of Brain Tumors”), Michael Jensen (“Cellular Immune Strategies for Glioma Therapy”), and Linda Liau (“Dendritic Vaccines for Brain Tumors”).

  • Two-Day Symposium on Stem Cells and Brain Tumors

Distinguished guest speakers from outside DF/HCC included Drs. Peter Dirks (“Prospective Identification of Human Brain Tumor Initiating Cells”), Eric Holland (“Animal Models of Glioma Formation: Insights Into the Role of Stem Cells”), and John Yu (“Neural Stem Cells in Glioblastoma Etiology and Therapy”).