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Research Programs

Clinical-based Research

Prostate Cancer

Collaborative Interactions

Collaborative Interactions

Large Collaborative Grants

The creation of DF/HCC has significantly enhanced our efforts to obtain funding of multi-investigator grants. In turn, work supported by these grants has helped to spark new collaborations among Program members. Examples of such grants include:

Grant# Grant Title Principal Investigator Project List Number of Investegators Involved
UO1 CA84995-01 Director's Challenge Grant - Mollecular Staging of Prostate and Lung Cancers D. Livingston - DFCI Molecular staging of prostate and lung cancers 3: DFCI, BWH, MIT
PO1 CA89021-01 The Role of PTEN and the P13K Pathway in Prostate Cancer L. Cantley - BIDMC Animal models of prostate cancer built around mutant PI3K and Akt 3: BIDMC, BWH, DFCI
P50 CA090381-01A1 DF/HCC Prostate Cancer SPORE P. Kantoff - DFCI Genetic epidemiology Side effects of ADT Molecular staging AR 7: BIDMC, BWH, DFCI, HSPH, MGH, CHB, Broad Institute
R01 CA85074 01 Study of Molecular Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer M. Stampfer - BWH Molecular and environmental epidemiology 3: BWH, DFCI, HSPH

Career Development, Pilot Project and Nodal Awards

These grants, funded through the SPORE mechanism, DF/HCC nodal point grant program or Institutional support, have helped to create links between the Program and certain discipline- and other disease-based programs.

Award Type PI Program Institution Project Title DIR Award
Career Development Pradip Majumder - Prostate DFCI Discovery of Molecular Markers for Prostate Cancer $40,000.00
Career Development Matthew Feedman - Cancer Genetics
- Prostate
MGH A Genomic Approach to Identifying Inherited Variation at the HPC1 Locus in Sporadic Prostate Cancer $40,000.00
Career Development Vijay Yajnik   MGH DOCK4 in Prostate Cancer Progression $40,000.00
Career Development Timothy Gilligan - Prostate DFCI Prostate Cancer Screening Decision Aid for African-American Men in Boston $30,000.00
Career Development Jean Zhao   DFCI Identification of Anti-Tumor Agents that Target the P13K Pathway in Genetically Engineered Human Prostate Tumor Cells $40,000.00
Career Development Dror Michealson - Prostate
- Renal
MGH Bone Metabolism in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer: Effects of Disease and Treatment $30,000.00
Career Development Jaqueline Banyard   CHB Analysis of Collagen XXIII Expression in Human Prostate Cancer $40,000.00
Career Development Levi Garraway - Prostate
- Cancer Genetics
HMS A 'Functional Proteomics' Study of Hormone Independence in Prostate Cancer $50,000.00
Pilot Project Anders Naar - Prostate
- Cancer Cell Biology
MGH The Role of the Androgen Receptor in the Development and Progression of Prostate Cancer $50,000.00
Pilot Project William Hahn - Prostate DFCI Discovery of Novel Prostate Cancer Therapeutics Using Reverse and Chemical Genetics $50,000.00
Pilot Project Chris Carpenter - Prostate BIDMC The Role of Bmx in Prostate Cancer $40,000.00
Pilot Project Aria Olumi - Prostate
- Renal
BIDMC The Role of Anti-Apoptotic Factors in Evasion of Prostate Tumors from TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis $50,000.00
Pilot Project Towia Liberman - Prostate
- Breast
- Renal
BIDMC Deregulated IL-6 Gene Expression in Prostate Cancer: A Target for Therapeutic Intervention $50,000.00
Pilot Project Muneesh Tewari/Patrick Hu - Prostate
- GI
- Cancer Cell Biology
- Cancer Genetics
DFCI Identification and Validation of Novel Drug Targets in the Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Signaling Pathway Using C. Elegans $50,000.00
Pilot Project Matthew Smith/ David Nathan - Prostate
- Renal
MGH Cardiovascular Disease Risk Associated w/ Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer $50,000.00
DF/HCC Development Award Ralf Weissleder - Cancer Imaging
- Prostate
- Neuro-Oncology
- GI
MGH Detection of prostate cancer by molecular signatures  
Pilot Project Jon C. Aster - Pathology
- Leukemia
BWH JAGGED1 in human prostate cancer $40,000.00
Career Development Lorelei Mucci - Cancer Epidemiology HSPH Developing a Composite Biomarker for Agressive and Indolent Prostate Cancer $40,000.00
Career Development Matthias D. Hoffer - Pathology
- Cancer Genetics
BWH Developing a Molecular Signature of Aggressive Prostate Cancer Based on Genomic Aberration and Expression $40,000.00