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Cancer Cell Biology

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Cancer Cell Biology Program

The Cancer Cell Biology (CCB) Program focuses on cell death (apoptosis), cell division (cell-cycle control), and cellular differentiation. The CCB Program performs high-quality basic research that provides mechanistic insights into cancer causation. These studies may help identify new molecular targets that could be used in the development of novel diagnostics or therapeutics.

The CCB Program is devoted to basic and translational studies that impact patient care; it also provides a strong basic science foundation for the research initiatives of clinical colleagues in the DF/HCC clinical-based programs.

The Program has four specific aims:

  • Enhance the participation of DF/HCC basic scientists in the preclinical and clinical drug discovery process
  • Increase the likelihood that new, targeted, anti-cancer agents are tested at DF/HCC
  • Enable and enhance interaction between basic scientists and clinical investigators at DF/HCC
  • Increase the impact of basic science on DF/HCC clinical studies

Program Contact

Content Manager
Deborah J.Goff, PhD