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Research Programs

Discipline-based Programs

Cancer Genetics

Collaborative Interactions

Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling Services

1. MGH Center for Cancer Risk Analysis

Director: Dr. Daniel Haber

MGH Center for Cancer Risk Analysis provides information about hereditary risk of cancer and genetic testing options to patients and their healthcare providers. Information gained through genetic counseling and genetic testing for hereditary cancer conditions can assist in learning the risk of getting cancer, family membersí risks of getting cancer, and methods for reducing cancer risk or detecting it early. Specialized clinics and resources available for familial breast cancer (Dr. Paula Ryan), familial colorectal cancer (Dr. Dan Chung and Dr. Eunice Kwak), melanoma (Dr. Hensin Tsao), von Hippel Lindau Disease and familial renal cancer (Dr. Othon Iliopoulos), and endocrine cancers (Dr. Gil Daniels). See website above for further information.

2. DFCI Cancer Genetics Service

Director: Dr. Judy Garber

The Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary program that offers comprehensive services to patients and families at increased risk for cancer. Under the direction of Judy Garber, MD, MPH, the Friends Clinic provides personal risk assessment, genetic counseling, screening evaluations and risk reduction strategies and conducts clinical research aimed at improved early detection techniques, better strategies for prevention and more effective therapies. Although the focus of clinical and research activity continues to be breast and ovarian cancers, services and research have expanded into many disease programs at Dana-Farber including, gastrointestinal cancers, sarcoma and bone cancers, pediatrics, endocrine cancers and brain tumors.

3. BIDMC Cancer Risk Evaluation Program

Director: Dr. Nadine Tung

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centerís Cancer Risk Evaluation Program arose to serve the needs of individuals at increased risk for cancer due to a personal or family history of cancer.  Our physicians specialize in the genetics of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (Dr. Nadine Tung) and genetic forms of colorectal cancer, such as HNPCC and FAP (Drs. Douglas Pleskow and Deborah Nagle).  We offer complete management planning for breast, ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancer risk, including screening, as well as medical and surgical prevention.  For patients interested in preventive breast surgery, we offer innovative breast reconstruction, including DIEP and SGAP procedures.  Our team includes genetic counselors, nurses, medical and surgical oncologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, and pathologists.  We work together with patients throughout the process of gathering family history, assessing cancer risk, deciding about genetic testing, interpreting results, and ultimately putting in place the best medical management plan.  We develop an individualized plan for each patient and his or her family.  Please call the Cancer Risk Evaluation Program at 617-667-1905 to schedule an appointment.