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Research Programs

Discipline-based Programs

Cancer Immunology

Collaborative Interactions

Collaborative Projects* (PO1s, SPORES, Generic listing of current projects)

Research collaborations with investigators in other DF/HCC programs are reflected in the participation of Cancer Immunology Program Members in multiple SPORES, including:  

Skin SPORE.  Tom Kupper: functional and genomic analysis of cutaneous T cell lymphoma.  David Avigan, Frank Haluska, Stephen Balk, and James Meir: dendritic cell vaccines.  Michael Atkins: mechanisms of tumor response and resistance to cytokines and biochemotherapy. 

Multiple Myeloma SPORE.  Ken Anderson, Hidde Ploegh, and Laurie Glimcher: proteasome inhibition and therapeutic activity in myeloma.  Don Kufe and Paul Eder: MUC-1 as a therapeutic target.

Renal SPORE.  Michael Atkins and James Mier: immune correlates of prognosis and responsiveness to therapy.  David Avigan and Donald Kufe: dendritic cell/tumor fusions in conjunction with IL-12 for renal cancer.

Ovarian SPORE.  David Avigan and Donald Kufe:  dendritic cell/tumor fusions