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Outcomes Research Program

The Outcomes Research Programís mission is to enhance the outcomes, including efficacy and cost-effectiveness, of interventions to prevent and treat cancer. The Outcomes Research Program focuses on identifying interventions that optimize patient- rather than disease-oriented outcomes and ensuring that societal resources are allocated optimally to achieve these goals.

The Program has four specific aims:  

  • Determine effectiveness of treatments for common cancers by evaluating patient outcomes, focusing on quality of life, in a routine care setting
  • Evaluate cost and cost-effectiveness of new and established interventions to prevent, detect, and treat cancer
  • Identify determinants of cancer patientsí quality of care, characterize barriers to optimal patient care, and develop approaches to eliminate those barriers
  • Disseminate information on effective and efficient practices and help translate research findings into improvements in health

To achieve these objectives, the Outcomes Research Program comprises multidisciplinary investigators with demonstrated expertise in health services research and commitment to the study of cancer outcomes. Their research ranges from basic methodological studies, through clinical applications, to policy applications.