The Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities (IECD) has a central goal of engaging diverse communities on the subjects of cancer prevention and treatment, which goes hand-in-hand with work to support and increase research on cancer disparities. The IECD Community Engagement Committee helps to plan and implement efforts to further these goals.

The IECD is involved in exploring and creating partnerships located in various communities which include faith-based organizations, neighborhood libraries, community health centers, local colleges and universities and various community based organizations. 

The IECD is also part of the leadership team for a U54 Comprehensive Cancer Partnership Program with UMass Boston to address health disparities in minority populations, and to improve research, training, and outreach initiatives for minority students, fellows, nurses, and scientists.

Please do explore all of the initiatives and resources included in this section of the site to learn more about the IECD’s community engagement efforts and opportunities to get more involved in cancer prevention and treatment education in your community.

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