Mentor Testimonials

“It was such a pleasure to be involved with the CURE program. Our high school student brought levels of energy and enthusiasm to the lab that were inspirational. Her hard work also delivered results. CURE is providing well-rounded scientific training to talented students, at a pivotal, early stage. Additionally, as a supervisor I felt well-supported: I welcomed the high quality mentorship training offered by CURE - it made a valuable contribution to my own career development.”
– Tracy Underwood, PhD (MGH)


Olufunke Buraimoh

"I started CURE the summer of my junior year in high school. That is a critical moment where you dream about a future profession in medicine or science, but you truthfully don’t know what you’d be signing up for without a small glimpse into said profession. CURE gave me just that. I got a glimpse at the clinical and laboratory research prospective – glimpse at physicianship." 

Student Profiles