Name: Alazar Ayele


CURE Year:


Education and Degree(s):

B.Sc. in Biology 

M.Sc. in Biology/Bioinformatics (In Progress)

Describe your current position:

I currently run the Community Lab at Biogen, where I teach almost 3,000 students a year from early middle school to college level. I mainly teach Biology but in passing talk about biochemistry, chemistry and encouraging students to become scientists. I teach the impact that biotech industry has on research and development as an essential aspect of the drug development process. Furthermore by engaging with such a broad spectra of students, I really can apply both the simplicity and the rigor of the sciences.

CURE mentor(s):

Ishara Mills-Henry Ph.D. (Harvard University)

Alexander Gurmirese M.D. Ph.D. (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Xuesong Gu Ph.D. (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Towia Libermann Ph.D. (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Memorable CURE Experience:

I think we all have great memories of CURE, the one that resonated with me was meeting volunteers who discussed their personal journeys that led them to their current position. Some volunteers shared their downfalls and their successes. What I remember most was their endurance because that is the human spirit - to always be able to carry forward regardless of the challenge ahead. 

How did CURE help you get to where you are today?:

CURE was my foundation. To be very candid, without CURE my current role wouldn’t be the same. Looking back, it was the CURE program in my journey that really allowed me to work in science education and in the biotech industry - it laid a very powerful path.

Favorite place to eat in the Longwood Medical Area when you were a CURE student:

I was only 16 when I began CURE and I had just discovered coffee. So I would have to say Starbucks on Longwood Ave.

What is your current five year plan?:

In the next five years, I hope to be in the middle of my Ph.D. Program. Definitely still involved in science education and most importantly keeping my CURE network alive.

If I weren’t a (current position), I’d be:

If I weren’t in my current position, I would probably be traveling abroad seeking adventures.