DF/HCC Data Management Services from ODQ/CTRIO

December 19, 2016

With the creation of the Office of Data Quality (ODQ) and the Clinical Trials Research Informatics Office (CTRIO), there has been a transition in the clinical trial data management services that had once been provided by the former QACT. This email summarizes the new structure and includes the best method for contacting each department with questions and requests.

ODQ responsibilities include:

  • Providing missing forms reports (MFRs) to PIs and study teams.
  • Receipt and triage of data requests.
  • Verifying data is clean and complete prior to fulfillment of data requests.
  • Coordination of DSMC and DSMB, including distribution of notifications and DSMC/DSMB data reports.

Data Requests:  Please send a completed Protocol Data Request Form to odqdatamanagement@dfci.harvard.edu

MFRs and other general questions: Please email odqdatamanagement@dfci.harvard.edu

CTRIO responsibilities include: 

  • Design and development of Inform CRFs (eDC) and related rules
  • Post-production changes to CRFs (e.g., due to protocol amendment)
  • Programming missing forms reports for ODQ (eventually for study team use)
  • Data extraction and data transfers
  • InForm training and access requests 

eDC Form modifications or questions: Please submit a ServiceNow ticket and address to “InForm – DFCI”.  If you do not have a Partners login, please send an email to dfciinform@dfci.harvard.edu.