Clinical Trials Research Informations Office (CTRIO) Contact List

If you have a patient care critical (PCC) issue that requires immediate assistance, please contact the Help Desk at: 617-632-3399. Otherwise, please browse CTRIO contacts by application, or the complete contact list below.

Contacts by Application


  Clinical Trials / Study Management


  • Electronic CRF design and development
  • Training
  • Electronic CRF data extraction and data transfers
  • Electronic CRF missing form development
  • Account access
  • Service interruptions

For non-PCC issues, submit a ServiceNow ticket and address to:

“InForm – DFCI”

If you do not have a Partners login, please email:


  • Subject registration assistance

  • Treatment arms development and modifications

  • Calendars and Budgets

  • Epic integration (study / subject issues; Beacon treatment plan or timeline issues)

  • Subject integration (Pedi COE, BOE, CORIS)

  • Study integration issues (CORIS, Velos Investigational Drug Dictionary, Via Pathways, DF/HCC Website)

  • Training requests

  • Report requests

  • Account access

  • Permission modifications

  • Service interruptions

For non-PCC issues, Submit a ServiceNow ticket and address to:

“OnCore – DFCI”

If you do not have a Partners login, please email:

  OncPro, OHRS Submit, p360, eSign 

  • Account access

  • New functionality requests

  • Training

  • OncPro Integration issues (Epic, Via Pathways, OncDRS, LiveLink)

  • Permission modifications

  • Service interruptions

For non-PCC issues for OncPro and OHRS Submit:

  • Submit a ServiceNow ticket and address to:“OncPro - PHS”
  • If you do not have a Partners login, please email: Jim White at

For p360 and eSign:

  Research Administration

  Nucleus, Dollar Density, CURE

  • Account access

  • Service interruptions

  • New functionality requests

  • Training

  • Reporting

Email: Tom Leonard at

For escalation and/or urgent requests, you may also contact Erica Woulf, Director of the Clinical Trials Research Informatics Office, at 617-632-4642.

Complete Contacts List


Erica Woulf Director, Corporate Manager, Clinical Trials Research Informatics  617-632-4642

Christopher Miller Corporate Team Leader II, Senior Manager, Informatics Technology Procurement  617-632-4011

Marina Nillni Corporate Team Leader II, Senior Manager, Electronic Data Capture  617-632-4307
Irina Kamis Corporate Team Leader II, Senior Manager, Customer Experience Services  617-582-7583  


Oya Cushing, PMP, CSM 617-582-7515


Yael Flamand  Informatics Specialist  617-632-3782
Barbara Mackey  Application Specialist, Systems Analysis  617-632-5872
Tom Leonard  Software Developer, Product Manager  617-632-3937
Tom Longmoore  Application Analyst II, Integration Developer  617-632-4213

Paul Perapadan 

Application Specialist, Product Manager 

On Leave

Danny Quinn  Systems Designer, SAS Programmer  617-273-0170
Jon Rish  Software Developer  617-632-5754


James Campbell, Jr. Systems Designer 617-582-9065
Emily Collins Data Analyst 617-632-3064
Monique Girard Data Analyst 617-632-5867
Luba Goldberg Systems Designer 617-632-4508
Natasha Krutiy Data Analyst 617-632-4465
Svetlana Turovsky Systems Designer 617-582-7598
Marina Varshavsky Data Analyst 617-632-2418

Janis Segal

EDC Trial Designer

Kaleshwar Goguladinne  Clinical Trials EDC Designer 617-582-9287


Manjul Chawla  Applications Specialist, Access Support  617-582-7462
Rachana Dharpure Consultant 617-582-9064
Camille Henry  Associate Applications Analyst, Calendar Builder  617-582-7973
Arthur "Chip" Nevins  Application Specialist, Product Manager  617-582-8266
Andrea Noble  Applications Analyst, Lead Analyst  617-632-7272
Howard Steinberg  Applications Analyst II  617-582-8371
Kevin Townley Business Analyst 617-632-3953
Ryan Williams  Applications Analyst, Calendar Builder  617-582-8637

Theloni Coleman Application Analyst (Contractor) 617-582-9708
Eugenia Vitkin Application Analyst  617-632-5334