OHRS Contact List

OHRS Leadership

Emily Eldh, CIP


(617) 632-4229 Emily_Eldh@dfci.harvard.edu
Daniel Kronish, MD Associate Director of Medical Review (617) 582-8442 DanielP_Kronish@dfci.harvard.edu

Brian Durie

Manager, Operations (617) 582-7772


Jonathan Matichak, PhD, CIP

Research Review Manager (617) 582-7117


 Candice Loeb, CIP

Huron Consultant (617) 632-5457


OHRS Staff

Front Desk: Main Telephones, Faxes, Deliveries
Omar Jabareen Assistant Human Research Coordinator (617) 582-8470 Omar_Jabareen@dfci.harvard.edu
Marguerite Maclean Administrative Specialist I (617) 632-3029 Marguerite_Maclean@dfci.harvard.edu
Submission Intake Staff
 Omar Jabareen Assistant Human Research Coordinator (617) 582-8470  Omar_Jabareen@dfci.harvard.edu
 Khari Linton Administrative Specialist I (617) 632-6474  Khari_Linton@dfci.harvard.edu
Exempt and Non Human Subject Research (NHSR) Study Coordinator
Elisha Thapa Human Research Coordinator II (617) 632-5736 Elisha_Thapa@dfci.harvard.edu
Meeting Coordinator Focused Human Research Coordinators
Katie Lane Human Research Coordinator III (617) 632-5704 Katie_Lane@dfci.harvard.edu
Ymani Bootman Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632 5223 Ymani_Bootman@dfci.harvard.edu
Marguerite Maclean Administrative Specialist I (617) 632-5104  Marguerite_Maclean@dfci.harvard.edu
Protocol Focused Human Research Coordinators
Nicole Burbul Senior Human Research Coordinator (617) 582-8663 Nicole_Burbul@dfci.harvard.edu
Polly Goodman, CIP Senior Human Research Coordinator (617) 632-6755 Polly_Goodman@dfci.harvard.edu
Casey Rich, CIP Senior Human Research Coordinator (617) 632-2683 Casey_Rich@dfci.harvard.edu
Susie Weisenburger Human Research Coordinator IV (617) 632-6475 Susie_Weisenburger@dfci.harvard.edu
Damien Christian Human Research Coordinator III (617) 582-8662 Damien_Christian@dfci.harvard.edu
Elizabeth Ehrlich, CIP Human Research Coordinator III (617) 632-3946


Elizabeth Mutti Human Research Coordinator III (617) 582-7506 Elizabeth_Mutti@dfci.harvard.edu
Sean Murphy Human Research Coordinator III

(617) 632-5736

(Khanh) Ha Nguyen Human Research Coordinator II

 (617) 632-4231

(Christopher) Phil Oettgen Human Research Coordinator II

(617) 582-9067

Shannon Peabody Human Research Coordinator II (617) 632-3031 Shannon_Peabody@dfci.harvard.edu
Karen Cruz Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-5706 Karen_Cruz@dfci.harvard.edu
Judelle Cummins Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-3030 Judelle_Cummins@dfci.harvard.edu
Sephora Hollant Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-3997 Sephora_Hollant@dfci.harvard.edu
Elizabeth Tabbut Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-8401  Elizabeth_Tabbut@dfci.harvard.edu
Activation Focused Human Research Coordinators
Danielle Shaffer Human Research Coordinator IV (617) 632-5133 Danielle_Shaffer@dfci.harvard.edu
Lindsey Gamble Human Research Coordinator II (617) 582-8008  Lindsey_Gamble@dfci.harvard.edu
Afolake Afolayan Per Diem (617) 632-2956  Afolake_Afolayan@dfci.harvard.edu
Online Communications Coordinators (OncPro)
Juliana Berfield, PhD Online Communications Coordinator III (617) 632-2238 jberfield@partners.org
Laura Gillis Online Communications Coordinator II (617) 632-6279 Laura_Gillis@dfci.harvard.edu
Renee Simmons Online Communications Coordinator I (617)-582-8661 ReneeS_Simmons@dfci.harvard.edu

Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS)

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Ave., OS229
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 632-3029