OHRS Leadership

Emily Eldh, CIP


(617) 632-4229 Emily_Eldh@dfci.harvard.edu
Daniel Kronish, MD Associate Director of Medical Review (617) 582-8442 DanielP_Kronish@dfci.harvard.edu
Elizabeth Bowie, JD, MPH, MSc Associate Director (617) 632-5457 Elizabeth_Bowie@dfci.harvard.edu

Elizabeth Mutti

Operations Manager (617) 582-7506


Casey Rich, CIP

Research Review Manager (617) 632-2683


OHRS Staff

Front Desk: Main Telephones, Faxes, Deliveries
Marguerite Maclean

Administrative Specialist I

(617) 632-3029 Marguerite_Maclean@dfci.harvard.edu
Catie Singer

Administrative Specialist I

(617) 632-5142 Catherine_Singer@dfci.harvard.edu
Submission Intake Staff
Khari Linton Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-6474  Khari_Linton@dfci.harvard.edu
Josie (Giuseppina) Cucciniello Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-7546  GiuseppinaD_Cucciniello@dfci.harvard.edu
Meeting Coordination-Focused Human Research Coordinators
Ashika Shah Human Research Coordinator I (617) 582-8008 Ashika_Shah@dfci.harvard.edu 
Samantha Muench Human Research Coordinator I (617) 582-7367 Samantha_Muench@dfci.harvard.edu 


Protocol Focused Human Research Coordinators
Team A*      
Polly Goodman, CIP Senior Human Research Coordinator (617) 632-6755 Polly_Goodman@dfci.harvard.edu
Damien Christian Human Research Coordinator IV (617) 582-8662 Damien_Christian@dfci.harvard.edu
Sephora Hollant Human Research Coordinator II (617) 632-3997 Sephora_Hollant@dfci.harvard.edu
Elizabeth Tabbut Human Research Coordinator II (617) 532-8401 Elizabeth_Tabbut@dfci.harvard.edu
Porsha Lark, MS, MPH Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-5706 PorshaL_Lark@dfci.harvard.edu
Christina Desir, MPH Human Research Coordinator I (617) 582-8148 Christina_Desir@dfci.harvard.edu
Aimee Gillespie Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-3946 Aimee_Gillespie@dfci.harvard.edu
Team B*      
Nicole Burbul Senior Human Research Coordinator (617) 582-8663 Nicole_Burbul@dfci.harvard.edu
Sean Murphy Senior Human Research Coordinator

(617) 632-5736

Shannon Peabody Human Research Coordinator III (617) 632-3031 Shannon_Peabody@dfci.harvard.edu
Judelle Cummins Human Research Coordinator II (617) 632-3030 Judelle_Cummins@dfci.harvard.edu
Sarah Ames Human Research Coordinator I (617) 632-5823 Sarah_Ames@dfci.harvard.edu
Samantha Zina Human Research Coordinator I (617) 582-9067 Samantha_Zina@dfci.harvard.edu
Melissa Syverin Human Research Coordinator I (617) 582-9547 Melissa_Syverin@dfci.harvard.edu 

Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS)

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Ave., OS229
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 632-3029

*Protocol-focused team divisions by Primary Management group
Team A Team B
Breast Phase I (TPETT) Leukemia
 Cutaneous Neuro-Oncology Lymphoma
 Melanoma Pediatrics Multiple Myeloma
Gastrointestinal (GI) Radiation / Surgery / Proton Benign Hematology
Genetics Biostats and Computational Genitourinary (GU)
Gynecology (GYN) Cell Biology Kidney
Head and Neck Epidemiology Transplant 
Immunotherapy Imaging  
 Lung and Thoracic Nursing  
 Outcomes Research Risk and Disparities  
 Prostate  Survivorship  
 Sarcoma  Other  
Last Updated: 05/08/2018