Cancer Risk and Disparities Program

The DF/HCC Cancer Risk and Disparities Program supports research that will lead to a reduction of cancer risk and disparities across the lifespan. The Program’s role is to elucidate underlying reasons certain individuals and populations bear excess risk of cancer and to devise interventions to lower risk. 

The Program’s expanding research portfolio is distinguished in several domains: in the promulgation of a social-contextual framework of cancer risk; in reframing cancer risk determinants with a purview that spans the life course; in its contribution to understanding disparities in cancer risk across population groups; in the design, testing, implementation, and evaluation of innovative interventions to reduce cancer risk; and in its commitment to the science of knowledge translation and dissemination of research findings into sustainable community-based solutions. Although cancer disparities research is conducted within and across other programs, the establishment of a “home-base” in which more than 50 disparities investigators may collaborate, be mentored, and make inter-programmatic connections, added significant value to their research and careers, while maximizing impact within DF/HCC and the field.

Recent Publications

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