Conducting ETCTN Research

Once an ETCTN study is active at DF/HCC, the investigator and study team must conduct the study in accordance with both ETCTN and DF/HCC policies and procedures.  When the DF/HCC investigator is the overall protocol chair s/he has additional responsibilities such as amending the protocol document and keeping the CIRB informed of study progress. Follow the menu items below that are most appropriate for your study.


DF/HCC Investigator is the National Study Chair

DF/HCC is a Participating Site

Participant Enrollment Yes Yes
Data Management  Yes Yes
Continuing Reviews Yes Yes
Amendments to CTEP Workflow Yes  N/A
Amendments to CTEP Guide  Yes  N/A
Amendments to OHRS Workflow  Yes Yes
Amendments to OHRS Guide  Yes Yes
Adverse Event Reporting Workflow  Yes Yes
Adverse Event Reporting Guide  Yes Yes
Drug Safety Notifications  Yes Yes