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The Cores deliver the benefits of efficiencies to the Projects, as well as to the other Cores; by centralizing these specific functions and responsibilities, the Cores enable the Breast SPORE to effectively leverage its resources.

Core A

Administration, Advocacy, Planning and Communication Core

Core Director: Eric Winer, MD (DFCI)

Co-Directors: Joan Brugge, PhD (HMS) and Kornelia Polyak, MD, PhD (DFCI)

Co-Investigator: Daniel Silver, MD, PhD (DFCI)

To learn about the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center SPORE patient advocacy group, please contact Liz Frank at:  Elizabeth_Frank@dfci.harvard.edu.

The role of the Administration, Advocacy, Planning and Communication (AAPC) Core (Core A) is to coordinate and integrate the multiple components of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Breast SPORE and to provide scientific, administrative, and fiscal oversight of the SPORE Projects, Cores, and the Developmental Research and Career Development Award Programs.

Core B

Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Core Director: William Barry, PhD (DFCI)

Co-Director: Meredith Regan, ScD (DFCI)

Co-Investigators: Clifford Meyer, PhD (DFCI); Julie Najita, PhD (DFCI); Markus Riester, PhD (DFCI); Franziska Michor, PhD (DFCI)

The Biostatistics and Computational Biology Core (Core B) collaborates and provides consultation on all research activities within the SPORE, including SPORE Projects, Developmental Research Program and Career Development Program projects to ensure the highest standards of scientific rigor in areas of study design, data management and integrity and data analysis and interpretation. The overarching goal is to promote translational research derived from fundamental discoveries in the laboratory that can lead to tangible clinical benefit. In addition, we will collaborate with other SPORE Cores to create an integrated system of resource support for the SPORE and SPORE investigators. Core B will also provide short-term biostatistics and computational biology consulting to the entire group of SPORE researchers. Core B has a wealth of experienced biostatisticians and computational biologists equipped with excellent computational support, including major commercial and public-use statistical software, and a large library of locally written software for design and analysis.

Core C

Clinical Trials Core

Core Co-Directors: Erica Mayer, MD MPH (DFCI) and Steven Isakoff, MD, PhD (MGH)

Co-Investigators: Michael Hassett, MD, MPH (DFCI); Beverly Moy, MD, MPH (MGH); Steven Come, MD (BIDMC)

The Clinical Trials Core (CTC) (Core C) will support all investigators in the Dana-Farber/Harvard SPORE in Breast Cancer conducting clinical trials. The Clinical Trials Core will coordinate preparation, review and activation of clinical studies developed within the SPORE and Inter-SPORE programs. Additionally, Core C will facilitate recruitment and consent of patients, clinical management and follow-up of patients, data collection and management and real-time monitoring of accrual and toxicity once trials are open. The Core will work closely with other SPORE Cores to coordinate all aspects of clinical research, including biostatistics support and biospecimen collection. The Core will utilize the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center data management infrastructure to facilitate the multi-center trials. The Core has resources available to achieve the aims outlined in the proposal, including dedicated Co-Directors, institutional commitment of clinical research coordinators and research nurses from all the institutions participating in clinical trials in the SPORE.

Core D

Tissue and Pathology Core

Core Director: Laura Collins, MD (BDMC)

Co-Directors: Andrea Richardson, MD, PhD (DFCI); Nikhil Wagle, MD (DFCI)

Co-investigators: James Iglehart, MD (DFCI); Stuart Schnitt, MD, PhD (BIDMC); Dennis Sgroi, MD, PhD (MGH); Jane Brock, MD, PhD (DFCI); Scott Rodig, MD, PhD (DFCI); Penelope Miron, PhD (DFCI); Charles Wang MD, PhD (DFCI)

The overarching goal of the Tissue and Pathology Core (TPC) (Core D) is to facilitate translational research involving the acquisition or use of biological samples within the SPORE. To accomplish this goal, the Core will offer a range of services for SPORE investigators. These include: 1) Providing a tissue and blood repository; 2) Collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing tissue and blood from participants on SPORE clinical trials; and 3) Providing a variety of readily accessible pathology and technical services, integrated with clinical information. In addition to standard pathology techniques, the TPC will offer several state-of-the-art technologies including circulating tumor cell capture and analysis. Lastly, the TPC will centralize and prioritize access of biological samples to investigators collected in the SPORE.