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Project 1: Clinical Correlations of WTX Inactivation in Wilms Tumor
Leaders: Daniel Haber, MD, PhD (MGH) and Miguel Rivera, MD (MGH)

Project 2: Validation of RCC biomarkers for early disease detection and response to targeted therapy
Leaders: William Kaelin, MD (DFCI); Toni Choueiri, MD (DFCI); and Sabina Signoretti, MD (BWH)

Project 3: Acquired resistance to VEGF receptor blockade: Underlying mechanism and therapeutic options.
Leaders:  Nahum Goldberg, MD (BIDMC); James Mier, MD (BIDMC); and Michael Atkins, MD (BIDMC)

Project 4: Targeting the PI3-Kinase/AKT pathway in RCC: Mechanism of action and opportunities for rational combination therapy.
Leaders: James Mier, MD (BIDMC); Daniel Cho, MD (BIDMC); and David McDermott, MD (BIDMC)

Project 5: Adoptive Immunotherapy for Renal Carcinoma Using Dendritic Cell/Tumor Fusions
Leaders: David Avigan, MD (BIDMC) and Donald Kufe, MD (DFCI)