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Core B: Administration, Evaluation, and Planning

The Administration, Evaluation, and Planning Core will oversee and coordinate activities of the Dana-Farber/Cancer Center SPORE in Lung Cancer. This Core will be responsible for the organization, financial oversight, and reporting of progress to the local and national oversight groups. The Core will cultivate collaborative translational research efforts by: 1) organizing monthly meetings where investigators resent research progress for their projects and cores, 2) arranging monthly meetings of the Executive Committee, 3) planning the yearly retreat, 4) inviting patient advocates and consumers to collaborate in our efforts and activities, 5) liaison with outside philanthropic organizations and industry for monetary support of the SPORE, and 6) generate annual reports and schedule outside advisors and external reviewers to document research progress in achieving SPORE goals and adjusting priorities. The Core will assess research progress and plan future research with Monthly Executive Committee meetings and a combination of Internal and External Advisors. The Administration Core will avoid duplication of resources by incorporating the DF/HCC Spore in Lung Cancer into the structure of the DF/HCC. The financial and fiscal oversight will be provided by a combination of our Principal Investigator, Executive Committee, Administrative Core, Research Accounting, and Research Administration. The Core will monitor the pace at which the discoveries are shared with the scientific community and provide feedback to the Project Leaders if a delay is perceived. The Principal Investigator and Administrative Core will continue to stress the translational component of this program by identifying institutional funds, industry support, and philanthropic donations to further the movement of scientific discoveries from the laboratory into the clinical arena for our patients with lung cancer.