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Core C: Biostatistics

The Biostatistics Core facility provides the statistical and computational support for all lung cancer SPORE investigators. The statisticians in the Biostatistics Core of the DF/HCC are assigned to disease-oriented committees, so that collaborative relationships develop, and statisticians can gain expertise in a specific clinical area.

The Biostatistics Core will support consultation and collaboration on quantitative matters to investigators funded through the lung cancer SPORE program.  The specific aims of this core are to:

  1. Provide ready access to statistical expertise and computing consultation to the lung cancer SPORE program.
  2. Provide biostatistical expertise for the planning, conduct, analysis, and reporting of laboratory experiments, epidemiology studies, and clinical trials.
  3. Advise and support SPORE investigators and their data collectors (technicians, nurses, data managers, etc.) in the areas of data form design, data collection, record abstraction, computerization, database designing and management, and data quality control.
  4. Provide a scientific computing facility suitable to meet the statistical analysis of lung cancer SPORE investigators, including technical assistance in moving data between various computers and operating system environments.
  5. Personnel in the biostatistics core will consult and collaborate with all of the research projects in the Lung Cancer SPORE.