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Prostate SPORE Cores

Core A: Administration Core

Core Co-Directors:

Philip Kantoff, MD (DFCI)
Glenn Bubley, MD (BIDMC)

Co-Directors (Career Development Program):
Anthony D’Amico, MD, PhD (BWH)
Matthew Smith, MD, PhD (MGH)

Co-Directors (Developmental Research Program):
Martin Sanda, MD (BIDMC)
William Hahn, MD, PhD (DFCI)

The purpose of the Administrative Core is to ensure the coordination of our SPORE components and to provide oversight and leadership of the scientific, administrative, and fiscal aspects of the SPORE. Specific aims are to:

  1. Monitor Research Progress and Plan for the Future
  2. Foster Collaborative Research within and between SPOREs
  3. Integrate the DF/HCC Prostate Cancer SPORE into the Structure of DF/HCC
  4. Provide Necessary Resources and Fiscal Oversight
  5. Promote Rapid Dissemination of Significant Research Findings and Free and Open Communication and Resource Exchange between the DF/HCC SPORE and Other Institutions

Core B: Biostatistics and Computational Biology Core

Core Director:

Meredith Regan, ScD (DFCI)

The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) SPORE in Prostate Cancer Biostatistics and Computational Biology Core collaborates and provides consultation on all research activities within the SPORE including SPORE Projects, the Developmental Research and Career Development Programs, and other SPORE Cores—to ensure the highest standards of scientific rigor in areas of study design, data management and integrity, and data analysis and interpretation. The specific aims are to:

  1. Provide biostatistical and computational biology expertise for the planning and design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of laboratory, genomic, animal, translational, clinical (including associated correlative studies), and epidemiological studies for SPORE Projects, Developmental Research and Career Development Program projects, and other SPORE Cores
  2. Provide consultation on all issues of data management and integrity, including data collection, storage, transfer and quality assurance, on statistical and computational biology software and programs, and on coordination of laboratory results with parameters and outcomes from clinical studies or clinical/translational research databases
  3. Provide short-term biostatistics and computational biology consulting to SPORE researchers

Core C: Tissue and Pathology Core

Core Co-Directors:

Massimo Loda, MD (DFCI)
Meir Stampfer, MD, DrPH (BWH)

Edward Stack, PhD (DFCI)

The Tissue and Pathology Core has and will continue to provide collaborating investigators multiple pathology services to support the four SPORE Research Projects as well as all current and future Career Development Program (CDP) and Development Research Projects (DRP) awardees. Through continued collaboration to bring all manner of pathology-based scientific support to all SPORE projects, the Tissue and Pathology Core proposes the following specific aims to:

  1. Provide tissue processing services and pathologic analysis of human prostatic neoplasms
  2. Characterize mouse and human prostatic tumors using molecular pathology tools
  3. Evaluate and implement new technologies for cellular imaging and molecular characterization