2021 Institutional Research Cores Webinar

Please join Boston Children’s Hospital for the 2021 Institutional Research Cores Webinar. This year’s webinar will be held over two days and feature presentations from each Institutional Core Facility.

May 5, 2021

Flow Cytometry Lab
Mahnaz Paktinat
Human Neuron Core
Dr. Elizabeth Buttermore
Molecular Genetics Core
Dr. Catherine Brownstein
Dr. Myriam Armant
Viral Core
Dr. Yiming Zhang

May 6, 2021

Animal Behavior and Physiology Core
Dr. Alexander Rotenberg
Julie Duszlak
Cell Function and Imaging Core
Dr. Michael Anderson
Cellular Imaging Core
Dr. Chinfei Chen
Mouse Gene Manipulation Core
Dr. Mantu Bhaumik

Hosted by: Equipment Core Resources Allocation Committee (ECRAC)
If you have any questions, please email researchcoreresources-ECRAC@childrens.harvard.edu   

*Translab is currently under review to receive the designation of Institutional Core Facility.  

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