Cancer Research Institute Seminar Series


  • CRI External Seminar, February 25 at 4pm ET 
    "Diet, ROS and Cancer"
    Lecture by Karen Heather Vousden, PhD, BSc Senior Group Leader, Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
    Chief Scientist, Cancer Research, UK
    Host: Taru Muranen, PhD
  • Work in Progress Seminar, March 4 at 4pm ET
    "Genomic Biomarkers of HRD and PARP inhibition"
    Lecture by Felipe Batalini, MD
    Representing the Wulf Lab
    "Kiss1/Gpr54 Protects Bone Mass through Src Dephosphorylation by Dusp18 in osteoclasts"
    Lecture by Zhenxi Li, PhD
    Representing the Wei Lab

  • CRI External Seminar, March 11 at 4pm ET
    "Tandem Duplicator Phenotype in Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Biology and Clinical Outcomes"

    Lecture by Edison T. Liu, M.D.
    President and CEO, The Jackson Laboratory
    Director, The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center
    Host: Ralph Scully, MBBS, PhD

  • CRI Seminar, March 18 at 4pm ET
    "p53-intact cancers escape tumor suppression through loss of the long
    noncoding RNA Dino"
    Lecture by Erik Anderson, MD, PhD
    Instructor of Medicine

  • CRI External Seminar, March 25 at 4pm ET
    "Uncovering new targets of the LKB1/STK11 tumor suppressor in lung
    Lecture by Reuben James Shaw, PhD
    Director, Salk Institute NCI-Designated Cnacer Center
    Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
    Host: Taru Muranen, PhD & Wenyi Wei, PhD


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Past seminar(s):

  • CRI Seminar, January 21 at 4pm ET
    "Unexpected Targets and Biomarkers of Cancer Immunotherapy" 
    Lecture by Vassiliki A. Boussiotis, MD, PhD Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School and BIDMC Cancer Center
  • CRI External Seminar, January 28 at 4pm ET  
    "Overcoming Natural Barriers to Tumorigenesis"
    Lecture by Scott Lowe, PhD Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Member, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 
    Host: Senthil Muthuswamy, PhD

  • Work in Progress Seminar, February 4 at 4pm ET 
    "BH3 mimeticsin Prostate Cancer"
    Lecture by Andreas Varkaris, MD, PhD
    Representing the Balk Lab
    "Hydrophobically-modified let-7b miRNA conjugate enhances biodistributionto NSCLC and downregulates HMGA2 in vivo"
    Lecture by Meirav Segal, PhD Representing the Slack Lab

  • CRI External Seminar, February 11 at 4pm ET 
    "Shaping Metabolism in the Tumor Microenvironment"
    Lecture by Marcia Haigis, PhD Professor of Cell Biology
    Host: TaruMuranen, PhD & Frank Slack, PhD

  • CRI Seminar, February 18 at 4pm ET
    "Clinical and Translational Research in Cancer-Associated VTE"
    Lecture by Brian J. Carney, MD Instructor in Medicine