Current and Future Trends in Oncology Care Delivery

Emerging research and technologies are rapidly changing the pace of oncology discovery, innovation and treatment – which in turn is transforming the business models of cancer care. Traditionally, infusion treatments brought patients into hospitals for oncology care but in recent years, treatments have been shifting to oral therapy administered at home. In contrast, novel therapies like immunotherapy and CAR-T must be delivered in a specialized care environment. As a result, leaders like Mara Bloom, JD, MS, Executive Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, must anticipate therapeutic trends in order to manage and deliver the best care.

In this webinar, Mara Bloom will present the cancer center as a case study for how we can use service-line management to engage stakeholders and streamline healthcare delivery, reduce costs, improve patient experience and encourage continued innovation and growth. Bloom will also highlight how the latest therapies, technologies and care models, including home hospital, telemedicine and artificial intelligence will help shape the cancer center of the future.

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