DF/HCC Cancer Metabolism Symposium

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Jimmy Fund Auditorium
35 Binney Street,
Boston, MA

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Anders Näär, PhD, MGH Cancer Center/HMS Cell Biology
Nika Danial, PhD, DFCI/HMS Medicine


Kevin Marks, PhD, Agios Pharmaceuticals - "Identifying metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer cells"
Pere Puigserver, PhD, DFCI/HMS Cell Biology  - "Mitochondrial heterogeneity in melanoma metastasis"
Nika Danial, PhD, DFCI/HMS Medicine - "Causes and consequences of metabolic fuel choice in cancer"


Coffee break


Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, DFCI/HMS Cell Biology - "Control of oxidative metabolism through PGC1alpha"
Tobi Walther, PhD, HHMI/HSPH/HMS Cell Biology - "The phase of fat: mechanisms and physiology of neutral lipid storage"
Othon Iliopoulos, MD, MGH Cancer Center/HMS Medicine - "Targeting HIF-VHL mediated reprogramming of cancer metabolism"
Marcia Haigis, PhD, HMS Cell Biology - "New roles for mitochondria in cancer"


Lunch break (DFCI Yawkey 306)


Alex Toker, PhD, BIDMC/HMS Pathology - "Reprogramming of metabolic pathways by PI 3-Kinase and AKT signaling"
Julie Losman, MD, PhD, DFCI/HMS Medicine - "Epigenetic targets of mutant IDH and R-2HG in AML"
Raul Mostoslavsky, MD, PhD, MGH Cancer Center/HMS Medicine - "Linking epigenetics, metabolism and cancer: Clues from SIRT6"


Coffee break


Massimo Loda, MD, DFCI/HMS Pathology - "Metabolic dependencies in prostate cancer: regulation and targeting of lipogenesis"
Anders Näär, PhD, MGH Cancer Center/HMS Cell Biology - "Targeting the lipogenic transcription factor SREBP in cancers"
Joan Brugge, PhD, Harvard Ludwig Cancer Center/HMS Cell Biology - "Oxidative stress defenses in cancer"


Networking Reception w/ light fare and beverages 
(DFCI Yawkey Building, Room 308)

Sponsored by:

the DF/HCC Cancer Cell Biology Program & Agios Pharmaceuticals

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