DF/HCC Neuro-Oncology Grand Rounds

Join us for our next Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology Grand rounds, a monthly, multidisciplinary HMS CME conference open to all DF/HCC institutions (BWH, BIDMC, BCH, HSPH, HMS and MGH), where local, national and international experts will present the latest findings in adult and pediatric neuro-oncology research.


  • Roel Verhaak, PhD - May 7, 2021 
  • Maryam Fouladi, MD, MSc, FRCP

Past talk(s)

February 5 - Paul A. Northcott, PhD, Associate Member in the Department of Development Neurobiology St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Talk Title: “Back to the Future: Using Retrospective Genomics to Drive a New Outlook for Medulloblastoma” [Download Flyer]

March 5 - Humsa Venkatesh, PhD, Instructor, Stanford University Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Talk Title: “The Neural Regulation of Glioma – Harnessing Activity-dependent Mechanisms of Glioma Growth for Treatment” [Download Flyer]

April 9 - Stefan Pfister, MD, Professor of Medicine; Director, Preclinical Pediatric Oncology, Hopp Children’s Cancer Center, Heidelberg; Head, Division of Pediatric Neuro Oncology, German Cancer Research Center, German Cancer Consortium; Consultant, Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, Heidelberg University Hospital
Talk Title: “Hijacking Normal Development: More Hypotheses about the Cellular Origin of Childhood Brain Tumors” [Download Flyer]

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