Landry Cancer Biology Consortium Annual Spring Symposium

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TMEC 227 & Atrium
TMEC 227 & Atrium

Landry Cancer Biology Consortium invites you to join our Annual Spring Symposium featuring

  • faculty talks on science & career paths

    Single-Cell Landscape of Melanoma Progression: Insights and Career Reflection
    Ajit Nirmal, PhD

    How it started, how it’s going: Targeting the Lymphatic Microenvironment to Inhibit Metastasis
    Jessalyn Ubellacker, PhD, MPH, MA
  • short talks by graduate & former graduate students

    Improving the efficacy of KRAS inhibitors in lung cancer by co-targeting a MYC-eIF4A survival axis
    Francesca Nardi, Karen Cichowski Lab

    Epigenetic and oncogenic inhibitors drive differentiation and death in KRAS mutant colorectal cancers
    Patrick Loi, PhD, former graduate student, Karen Cichowski Lab

    Cholesterol biosynthesis inhibition selectively synergizes with AKT inhibition in TNBC
    Alissandra Hillis, PhD, former graduate student, Alex Toker Lab

    Functional diversification of plant small molecules by the gut microbiome tunes intestinal homeostasis
    Gavin Kuziel, Seth Rakoff-Nahoum Lab

  • KGCRF Poster competition & reception 

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