Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR): Conflict of Interest

Presenters: Bruce Johnson, M.D., Chief Clinical Research Officer and Melissa Anderson, JD, Director, Office of Research Integrity

There is perhaps no more controversial or hotly debated a topic in RCR as Conflicts of Interest, or COI. Opinions about COI and what risks it poses are varied and passionately held. To begin, consider what you perceive to be issue when it comes to COI. What factors are involved? What stands to be gained or lost in regulating conflicts? In your experience, have you encountered problems with COI?

This seminar will discuss the current climate surrounding conflicts of interest in the medical field, from both the research and clinical perspectives. In particular, we’ll look at Dana-Farber and HMS’ policies regulating conflicts and the mechanism with which that is achieved. Finally, we’ll discuss case studies from the readings, your personal experiences, and ways in which you think valuable work can be done while also mitigating conflicts.

Successful completion of this course will fulfill 1 out of the 6 required in-person RCR lectures for 2021. A certificate of completion will be emailed to all attendees following the lecture.

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