DF/HCC Cancer Care Delivery Research Brief Updates Symposium

On an annual basis, the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Population Science Programs invite members to give an overview of the exciting scientific innovations and progress being made. The goal of this “Brief Updates” series is to share scientific advancements, facilitate active communication, build new collaborations, and show synergy across the Population Sciences programs.

What’s New in Cancer Care Delivery Research?

March 7 (3:00-5:30PM)

In-person Event  |  DFCI Dana 1130 

Welcome and Introductions (3:00-3:05pm) 
Jenny Mack, MD, MPH 
Nancy Keating, MD, MPH 
Jennifer Temel, MD Quality and Equity 
Panel facilitator: Mary Beth Landrum 
Discussant: Giselle Perez-Lougee

3:05-3:12 - Chris Manz -Incarceration and Cancer Equity'

3:12-3:19 - Narjust Florez -Social Justice in Oncology, why it’s important?

3:19-3:26 - Isaac Chua -Improving Teamwork between Interpreters and Clinicians during Serious Illness Communication with Patients with Limited English Proficiency

3:26-3:45 - Discussion: Supportive and Palliative Care 
Panel Facilitator: Abby Rosenberg 
Discussant: Areej El-Jawahri

3:45-3:52 - Daniel Lage -Supportive Oncology Care at Home for Recently Hospitalized Patients with Advanced Cancer: Results of a Pilot Trial

3:52-3:59 - Deb Forst (RCT caregiver intervention) -NeuroCARE: Developing a Novel Population-Specific Supportive Intervention for Caregivers of Patients with Brain Tumors 

3:59-4:06 - Anny Fenton -Caring for a parent with cancer: The challenges adult-child caregivers face

4:06-4:25 - Discussion: Survivorship Care
Panel Facilitator: Elyse Park
Discussant: Alicia K. Morgans

4:25-4:32 - Daniel Hall -Pilot RCT of the Survivorship Sleep Program: Synchronous, virtual cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia for cancer survivors

4:32-4:39 - Hermioni Amonoo -Ying and Yang of Well-Being in Cancer: Does Positive Psychology Have a Role?

4:39-4:46 - Katie Greenzang -Development of a Family-Centered Intervention to Improve Preparation for Pediatric Leukemia Treatment & Survivorship

4:46-5:05 - Discussion

5:05-5:30 - Reception 

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