The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is a collaboration between DF/HCC and the Koch Institute, designed to bring bioengineering, advanced cancer science, and clinical oncology together to solve today’s most challenging problems in cancer research and care. Through seed funding for collaborative research teams comprised of both MIT and DF/HCC investigators, the Bridge Project fosters interdisciplinary studies that wed new tools and methods from engineering-based disciplines with advances in cancer biology together with translational expertise of clinical oncologists. 

The Bridge Project is designed to reach beyond existing individual networks to establish ties between unmet clinical needs and technological solutions that have not traditionally been connected. Along with the potential for fundamentally new insights into cancer research, the Bridge Project addresses the substantial challenge in “bridging” a significant divide–in scientific language, experimental approaches, and traditional expertise. Through this program, catalytic financial supports will jumpstart pilot cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional, multi-investigator research. 

To learn about currently funded Bridge Project research and previously awarded funding, go to theBridge-Funded Research page

To encourage the formation of cross-institutional research teams, we regularly hold informational sessions, workshops, and symposia based on complex translational problems in cancer. Visit the Bridge Project Events page to view presentation videos from past events.

Bridge Project Leadership

If you are interested in supporting the Bridge Project, please contact:

Mark Veligor (DF/HCC)
Senior Director, Principal & Major Gifts, Division of Philanthropy
10 Brookline Place
Brookline, MA 02445-7226

Karen Sveda
Managing Director of Development, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer
Research at MIT