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Alan M. Zaslavsky, PhD

Harvard Medical School


  • Professor, Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School


Research Abstract

My research topics in health care policy center on measurement of the

quality of care provided by health plans through consumer assessments and

clinical and administrative data. I am also interested in racial/ethnic

and socioeconomic disparities in quality of care. I am an investigator

on a project in collaboration with the California Cancer Registry and

regional registries that examines quality of care for colorectal cancer

using registry data, patient surveys, and a physician follow-back survey.

In this project we have developed new statistical methodology for correcting

treatment data in Registry records for underreporting. I am currently an

investigator in the NCI-funded CanCORS (Cancer Consortium for Outcomes

Research and Surveillance) study, both as part of the Statistical

Coordinating Center (based at DFCI) and through a research site that is a

collaboration of Harvard Medical School and the Northern California cancer


To these projects I bring my experience as a lead statistical investigator

in the core development project of the Consumer Assessments of Health

Plans Study (CAHPS), the CAHPS implementation for Medicare managed care,

and an AHRQ-funded project on expansion of the HEDIS clinical quality

measures. My statistical research interests include surveys, census

methodology, small area estimation, official statistics, missing data,

hierarchical modeling, and Bayesian methodology.


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