Photo of David R. Spriggs,  MD

David R. Spriggs, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital
Phone: (617) 724-4000

David R. Spriggs, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Professor in Residence, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Director, Gynecologic Cancer Program, MGH Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital



  • Member, Center Scientific Council

Research Abstract

In January of 2018, Dr. Spriggs became the Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Program, replacing Dr. Michael Birrer. Dr. Spriggs has led a variety of trials in Gynecologic Cancer both at MSKCC and now at the MGH, including one of the first Paclitaxel Phase I trials, the discovery of the Gemcitabine / Docetaxel combination for Leiomyosarcoma, a pharmacodynamic Phase III study of long infusion Paclitaxel in Ovarian Cancer (GOG162).

Dr. Spriggs current research interests include the biology of MUC16, the gene encoding CA125 and the Glycobiology of Ovarian Cancer. His current funding includes his position as a co_PI on the DFHCC Ovarian cancer SPORE and a project in the PO1 entitled "Immunological Approaches to Ovarian Cancer" (recently in competing renewal) and independent support from the Department of Defense for a Pilot Program for Implementation of a Human Artificial Chromosome for CAR-T Cells. He holds patents for MUC16 antibodies that have been incorporated into an ongoing CAR T cell clinical trial.


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