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Gabriela S. Hobbs, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital
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Gabriela S. Hobbs, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Assistant Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Clinical Director, Leukemia, Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Abstract

My primary clinical and research focus is in advancing the care of patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). My primary clinical objective is to continue to develop a panel of patients with MPN from local and regional referrals. The goal of my research is to design and implement clinical trials for patients with MPNs with a significant translational component through collaborations with laboratory investigators.

In August of 2014 I joined the Leukemia Service at Massachusetts General Hospital where I have established a MPN clinical and research program. From a clinical perspective, I routinely receive referrals from across the northeast and have a strong referral network; this has allowed me to develop a panel that consists primarily of MPN patients. From a research perspective, I lead the MPN clinical trials at MGH, all of which include a strong translational component based. The investigator-initiated studies for which I am the principal investigator include- A phase II, multicenter study, of ruxolitinib before, during and after transplant for patients with myelofibrosis (Protocol 17-569). A phase I study of Regorafenib for patients with advanced myeloid neoplasms (Protocol 16-464). A phase II, multicenter study utilizing ruxolitinib for maintenance after transplant for older patients with AML (Protocol 17-273). A phase II, multicenter study investigating the use of pembrolizumab for myelofibrosis (Protocol 17-480). In addition, I am the site PI for all pharmaceutical sponsored studies in MPN at MGH.

In addition to clinical trials work, I collaborate with Dr. Ann Mullally in translational research utilizing samples from the above-mentioned trials. This work includes defining the role of genetic mutations in predicting post- allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (SCT) outcomes in myelofibrosis patients utilizing samples from protocol 17-569. In addition, we are investigating the role of immune dysregulation and immunotherapy in patients with MPN. This research utilizes samples of patients collected from my clinic as well as samples from a clinical trial utilizing the checkpoint inhibitor, Pembrolizumab in patients with Myelofibrosis.

Ultimately, my goal is to continue to grow a multidisciplinary MPN research program focused on providing high quality care to patients with MPNs, and to develop new treatment options for patients with MPN based on sound pre-clinical rationale, while strengthening collaborations with investigators across the Dana Farber Harvard Cancer Center and across the country.

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