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Jennifer Yeh, PhD

Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Children's Hospital
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Jennifer Yeh, PhD

Boston Children's Hospital


  • Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
  • Associate Scientific Researcher, Division of General Pediatrics, Boston Children's Hospital


Research Abstract

I am a decision scientist whose research focuses on improving cancer outcomes at the population level. I have extensive experience applying decision-analytic modeling and cost-effectiveness analysis methods to evaluate clinical guidelines and health policy. My research spans across the cancer continuum, ranging from gastric cancer prevention to childhood cancer survivorship.

I have developed and applied methods of decision analysis, simulation modeling and economic evaluation to identify opportunities to enhance cancer screening and surveillance programs. In particular, I have developed novel approaches that incorporate the effects of early life exposures on long-term health outcomes. My work on childhood cancers focuses on how treatment-related risks for secondary cancers, cardiac events and other late effects impact long-term survivor health and quality of life. I was recently awarded a grant from the American Cancer Society to evaluate secondary cancer screening guidelines for childhood cancer survivors.


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