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Jong Chul Park, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital
Phone: (617) 724-2694
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Jong Chul Park, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Instructor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Assistant, Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Abstract

As a clinical investigator, my academic activities are focused on development of clinical trials and translational research in oncology, particularly in the field of head and neck cancer and immunotherapy.

My recent clinical projects include a combination trial of autologous therapeutic vaccine and radiopharmaceutical therapy and early phase immune pharmacodynamic studies in various solid tumor types. With the team of the MGH and Dana-Farber Head and Neck Oncology Program, we plan to design several projects such as immunotherapy clinical trials in head and neck cancer patient cohort and translational research to test novel immunotherapeutic agents and combinations, and to identify novel mechanisms of immune escape and resistance to immune therapy.

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