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Motaz Qadan, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital
Phone: (617) 643-5153

Motaz Qadan, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Assistant Professor, Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Assistant Professor, Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Abstract

My research focuses on the tumor microenvironment in the treatment of pancreas cancer. Pancreas cancer is a highly resilient tumor and by influencing the environment and character of the tumor, early data suggests that the disease may be rendered more susceptible to treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy. I am currently involved in setting up clinical trials related to novel agents in this field.

In addition, I am interested in clinical outcomes research that focuses on methods to collect, analyze, and improve outcomes related to cancer surgery at the National level. I conducts my outcomes research at the Codman Center for Clinical Effectiveness in Surgery. Some of my current interests include optimization of patients who are due to undergo oncologic surgery by improving their nutritional, physical, and psychological well-being prior to operation, as well as a specific focus on surgical intervention in the palliative setting.


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