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Nancy A. Rigotti, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital


  • Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Professor, Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Director, Tobacco Research and Treatment Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital


Research Abstract

Nancy Rigotti, MD, is an internationally known expert in tobacco use, tobacco cessation, and tobacco control public policy. Trained as a general internist, she is Associate Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Past President of both the Society of General Internal Medicine and the Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco. Dr. Rigotti founded and directs the Tobacco Research and Treatment Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. This program combines a clinical service (MGH Tobacco Treatment Smoking Service) with a multidisciplinary research group whose mission is to develop innovative and effective smoking cessation treatment and tobacco control policy approaches. Her research includes formal evaluations of the effects of tobacco control public policy and clinical and outcomes research studies testing behavioral and pharmacologic smoking cessation treatments. Her current research focuses on developing and testing systems that embed tobacco dependence treatment into the evolving U.S. health care delivery system, with a special interest in using hospitalization as an opportunity to promote tobacco cessation. With colleagues from the Tobacco Research and Treatment Center and DFHCC, Dr. Rigotti is also testing smoking cessation interventions targeting patients with cancer, peripheral vascular disease, parents of children attending pediatric practices, and patients in primary care practices.



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