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Peter J. Taylor, PhD

University Of Massachusetts - Boston

University Of Massachusetts - Boston
Phone: (617) 287-7636
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Peter J. Taylor, PhD

University Of Massachusetts - Boston


  • Professor, Graduate College of Education, University Of Massachusetts - Boston
  • Program Director, Science in a Changing World graduate track, University Of Massachusetts - Boston


Research Abstract

My research brings perspectives from the social studies of science and critical analysis of quantitative methods to bear on the scientific and policy/practice dimensions of:

1. Combining multi-level and life-course social epidemiology.

2. Contributing to discussions of potential constraints on social epidemiology.

3. Responding to constraints through an “agent-oriented” focus.

4. Facilitating two-way interaction between multi-level, life-course social epidemiology and people engaged in reorganizing their lives and communities in response to social changes.


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