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Patient navigators are an integral part of the healthcare journey. They help to bridge any gaps between patients and their doctors in order to ensure the highest level of care possible.

“In Medical Oncology, our patients often undergo life altering chemotherapies, procedures, and even discussions. Christina has not only bridged the gap between patients and providers in terms of communication, but also helps ensure that there is continuity of care across medical disciplines. She is insightful and sensitive to the needs of all of her patients. She is often the first line of communication for patients, and I am so grateful that she is able to make me aware of their needs” 

"I am a radiation oncologist at BIDMC. Christina Ho has been an invaluable resource for helping our Chinese-speaking patients to receive appropriate and timely care. They often have limited financial resources, making it difficult to take the time needed for their health.   Christina has been able to link them with resources in the community that allow them to do this. She also helps lead them past the obstacles our health care system creates, which are particularly difficult for individuals used to very different cultural and organizational norms who cannot effectively communicate in English. There is no question that her efforts make a huge difference for many patients in these matters of (literally) life and death."

Patient Spotlight

Patients are the most important part of the patient navigator equation. Patient navigators work for patients to make sure they understand all the ins and outs of their medical experience. Here is what patients have to say about their work with patient navigators: 

“Having a navigator helped put my mind at ease... I can concentrate on getting better.” Female, 51, Breast cancer 

“The hospital seemed so big and foreign compared to my community health center.  I felt afraid and alone until the navigator came and showed me the way.” Male, 62, lung cancer 


“It was so nice to have someone explain things to me throughout the whole process , from the time I was diagnosed, through various tests, treatment.  I was not alone and felt less scared.” Female, 42, AML