4 DF/HCC Members Receive NAM Awards

  • Myles Brown, MD,

    For his leadership in oncology and endocrinology, whose seminal contributions have fundamentally reformulated the mechanistic understanding of hormone dependence of breast and prostate cancers, enabling the development of new therapies for these diseases.

  • Yolonda L. Colson, MD, PhD,

    For contributions to the fields of thoracic surgery, polymer-mediated chemotherapy release, and lymphatic drug delivery, and for leading a national paradigm shift to improve maintenance of certification for surgeons.

  • David E. Fisher, MD, PhD,

    For elucidating the ultraviolet (UV) pigmentation pathway, UV-seeking endorphin response, skin cancer prevention strategies, and hair graying mechanism; discovering melanoma and sarcoma oncogenes; and developing a routinely used melanoma diagnostic.

  • For uncovering the molecular basis for mammalian and microbial cell death by cytotoxic lymphocytes and during inflammation/sepsis triggered by pathogens and danger signals. She pioneered harnessing ribonucleic acid (RNA) interference for therapy and gene discovery and was the first to show that small RNAs could be used as drugs in vivo.