Administrative Supplements for P30 Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSG) and P50 Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) Grants to Support Research in Cell-based Immunotherapies of Human Cancer

  • The short-term goal of these supplements is to provide funding for centers to perform developmental and preclinical research that addresses specific challenges in cell-based immunotherapies. This solicitation will give investigators at NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and SPOREs an opportunity to submit one-year supplement proposals for technological and/or preclinical studies of new or improved immune-cell agents or production methods with an emphasis on overcoming barriers for the broad-based adoption of these therapies for hematologic and solid human cancers.

  • Centers must have existing Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) capacity or full-time access to a GMP facility and the ability to conduct clinical trials of cell-based immunotherapies of cancer (although GMP manufacturing and clinical trials are not supported by this supplement).

  • P30 CCSG awardees in NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and P50 SPORE grant PIs are eligible to apply if therapy with immune cell-based agents is an integral part of the grant’s mission and is included as a component of the grant. The Project Leader of the study must be a member of DF/HCC (for P30 supplement) or the Principal Investigator or a Project Co-Leader of a SPORE grant (for SPORE supplement).

  • Only one application per institution is allowed, requesting no more than $500K (total costs) for one year. Each application must include a cover letter from the NCI-Cancer Center Director or from the SPORE Director.

Please e-mail no later than April 30, 2019 if you are interested in applying for this supplement opportunity so that we may coordinate the DF/HCC submission for the NCI due date of June 4, 2019.