Spotlight: Genotyping and Genetics for Population Sciences Core

In this DF/HCC eNews Spotlight Edition, we present the DF/HCC Genotyping and Genetics for Population Sciences Core (GGPS). The mission of the GGPS Core is to provide services to Cancer Center members conducting molecular analyses of germline and somatic DNA collected as part of a wide range of investigations into the molecular epidemiology of cancer. The Core provides a wide range of molecular assays for DNA analyses. 

Key Services

Project Highlights

  • Myllymäki M, et al.  Telomere length and telomerase complex mutations predict fatal treatment toxicity in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome after stem cell transplantation.ASH Annual Meeting, 2018. 
      • Services: Ion S5 Targeted Sequencing, qPCR Telomere Assay 

  • Smith C, et al. The NASA Twins Study: A multi-omic, molecular, physiological, and behavioral analysis of a year-long human spaceflight.Science, in press.
      • Services: qPCR Telomere Assay

Future Steps

  • PROMISE is a study funded as part of the "Stand Up To Cancer Multiple Myeloma Dream Team" (SU2C), designed to help scientists track the molecular changes that occur as precursor conditions progress to myeloma, co-led by Drs. Timothy Rebbeck and Lorelei Mucci. We will receive, process and build a biorepository for 50,000 participants.
  • IRONMAN is an International Registry to Improve Outcomes in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer, a global disease registry of 5,000 men with advanced prostate cancer, led by Dr. Lorelei Mucci. This cohort study will facilitate a better understanding of the variation in care and treatment of advanced prostate cancer across countries and across academia and community based practices. We are currently sending out blood collection kits to the Centers and receiving the samples back, building a Biorepository for future testing.
  • We have started offering targeted RNA-Seq on the IonTorrent S5 platform (2 projects completed).
  • We are optimizing qBiomarker assay for somatic mutation calling (1 project in process).