Updated iRIS Report

January 10, 2020

In an effort to increase transparency within iRIS, there has been an update to the Reviewer Details and Comments by Reviewers on Submissions. This report includes the review and sign-off only committee(s) your submission is currently sitting with and who from those committees has been assigned to review.  Please note that this does not list SRC/IRB reviewers.

This report will serve two functions:

1) Notification of withdrawals: If your submission is withdrawn it is the responsibility of the study team to email any remaining reviewers assigned. You will find the email addresses of all reviewers at the top of the report.

2) Status Updates: As reviewers are working through the submission, they can choose to insert a status update that will be viewable on this report. This will allow study teams to have a better understanding of where their submission stands. It is still the expectation that any questions or changes about the submissions from the review board committees are communicated within iRIS via conditions.