iRIS Useful Tips: January Edition

January 10, 2020

Drug diaries: On previous initial submission packets, study teams only had a yes/no option for drug diaries. A new pending option has been added.

IRB Exempt Trials: As mentioned in the November 20th communication, Exempt trials have been updated to their own study status. Newly submitted Exempt trials will now end their workflow with the IRB and will not route to ODQ activation. These trials will not be posted to OncPro.

Response Forms: Previously, when a condition was routed to the study team, the user responding to the condition would need to first accept the condition on Section 1.0 Response Form, save and continue, and then revise or attach any documents on Section 2.0 Submission Package. For ease, this has been combined into one Response Form. Users can now accept and revise documents on the same screen.

Document Titles: Please do not use any special characters (such as ™ , © ,+, ?, %, *, |, #, &) when titling documents attached to a submission or protocol and short title fields. Reviewers are not able to open these documents in their committee when attached to a submission.