DF/HCC New Member

Please welcome Dr. Wagner who recently joined DF/HCC and is a member of the Breast Cancer Program

Hello. My name is Anita Wagner. I recently joined the DF/HCC in the Breast Cancer Program.

I am a clinical pharmacist and health policy researcher in the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute.  I also direct the Ethics Program of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a non-profit, private health insurer in the New England states.

The purpose of my research, teaching, and service is to make needed medications available, access to them equitable, use appropriate, and affordable to individuals and health systems.

Striking this balance is particularly challenging when it comes to new, highly-priced cancer medications.  Using large insurance and other databases, my colleagues and I study how policies affect cancer care and spending, in the United States, in China, and elsewhere.  We are always looking for collaborators.