DF/HCC New Member

Please welcome Dr. Faden who recently joined DF/HCC and is a member of the Cancer Genetics Program

My name is Dan Faden. I’m a head and neck cancer surgeon and investigator at Mass. Eye and Ear and Mass General and now a new member of the Dana-Farber/ Harvard Cancer Center Cancer Genetics program.

My clinical practice is focused on patients with malignancies of the upper aerodigestive tract as well as the thyroid and parathyroid gland, cranial base neoplasms as well as advanced skin cancers of the head and neck.

My research focuses on translational head and neck cancer genomics, viromics and biomarker discovery. In essence, we try to understand how acquired genomic alterations, and viral infection affect head and neck cancer initiation growth and behavior.

Presently, my lab is focused on three overlapping arenas. The first of these is understanding mutation acquisition at host-viral interactions in Human Papillomavirus mediated head and neck cancers. The second is understanding how the genomic and immunogenomic landscape of head and neck cancers affects treatment response. And lastly, we’re now utilizing liquid biopsy technologies to better understand how circulating biomarkers relate to treatment response and disease status of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.