DF/HCC New Member

Please welcome Dr. Chandler who recently joined DF/HCC and is a member of the Cancer Epidemiology Program.


My name is Paulette Chandler. I am a primary care physician and I do cancer epidemiology in the division of preventive medicine. My research focuses on understanding the connection between nutrition and cancer development as well as cancer prevention. 

My signature work has focused on glycans specifically glyc-A and its association with increased risk of colorectal cancer. And we’ve also looked at glyc-A for other cancers and found that glyc-A has not been associated with breast cancer.

I currently have a metabolomics grant with American Cancer Society where I am looking at the intersection of nutrition and metabolomics for understanding the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Furthermore, I have been doing work with lipids and cancer and looking at lipids that are commonly measured in the clinic such as HDL, LDL and some less commonly measured lipids and their association with instance of cancer and cancer mortality. 

I welcome collaborations for metabolomics and cancer biomarkers, specifically colorectal cancer and biomarkers for nutritional intake and the influence of dietary patterns on cancer risk.