DF/HCC New Member

Please welcome Dr. Parad who recently joined DF/HCC and is a member of the  Cancer Risk, Prevention, and Early Detection Program. 



My name is Richard Parad and I'm a neonatologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital. I have recently joined the Cancer Risk, Prevention, and Early Detection group at DF/HCC. And we'll be studying genomic newborn screening of cancer predisposition syndromes in newborns with a particular interest in retinoblastoma.

My co-investigator is Dr. Lisa Diller at Dana Farber and Children's, and we are particularly interested in screening for retinoblastoma using a primary genomic screen based on a dried blood spot done in the newborn period. We believe that this approach to newborn screening will be an improvement over current clinical screening of using the red reflex in newborns.