Now Available: Recording of Feb. 22 DF/HCC Office Hours Webinar - iRIS Updates

February 22, 2023

Originally recorded on February 22, 2023

 Click to watch: DFHCC Office Hours (1.25.23)
(note - recording started late)
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This session covered the following topics:

  • Upcoming iRIS Release (March 3, 2023)
  • Form change: Administrative Modifications & Pharmacy Routing
  • Email notifications: Outcome letters, etc.
  • Process change: Adding external sites
      • New Institution Request Form
  • Changing Dose/Cohort Arm to "Closed"
  • Reminders from ODQ & OHRS
  • Live Panelist Q&A on the above topics

Please note that you can also find this recording and the accompanying slides on the DF/HCC Education and Training Page under "Other Educational Resources - DF/HCC Office Hours".

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