PDXNet RFP for Preclinical Evidence Generation - Deadline for Proposals Nov 16

November 02, 2021

Attention ETCTN investigators, 

The NCI has established a contract through Leidos Biomed to award subcontracts to PDXNet investigators to conduct drug-response experiments of novel agents and novel agent combinations in in vivo PDX experiments, and to harvest tumors exposed to the agents and agent combinations for pharmacodynamic assay development, with the goal of using drug combinations that show a benefit, along with the developed biomarker assays, in ETCTN clinical trials.

Only PDXNet investigators are eligible to submit a proposal for the subcontracts, but they are required to have an ETCTN investigator collaborator who supports the agent/agent combination and disease context to be explored, and who will pledge to develop the combination in the ETCTN should the preclinical data generated merit clinical development.

Therefore, collaborative contacts must be made between PDXNet investigators and ETCTN investigators for the development of PDXNet proposals. However, because of contracting rules, ETCTN investigators may not initially directly contact a PDXNet investigator, to prevent any PDXNet investigator from not having an equal opportunity to develop a given proposal.

To facilitate the interaction, we have created a page on the PDXNet website where ETCTN investigators can propose experiments that they would like to see performed – the drug combinations and characteristics of the PDX models, along with their contact information. PDXNet investigators can then contact ETCTN investigators to discuss developing the project in collaboration. After the initial contact, there is no restriction on further contact between the PDXNet and ETCTN investigators.

The webpage also includes the statement of work for the subcontract, so that ETCTN investigators can understand the outlines of the proposals that PDXNet investigators will be submitting.

I urge all of you to use this opportunity to advance therapeutic concepts that have lacked adequate pre-clinical data by posting your proposed projects on the PDXNet site. Please note that the deadline for PDXNet investigators for submitting proposals is November 16.

To access the PDXNet webpage for posting therapeutic concepts that you would be willing to collaborate with a PDXNet investigator:

  • Go to https://portal.pdxnetwork.org/
  • Click on ‘About’
  • On the About page, click on “ETCTN researchers” tab
  • Enter username: ‘pdxnet’ and password: ‘pdxnet2021’
  • Click on ‘ETCTN multiagent’
  • Click on ‘New’ and enter name, organization, and outline of experiment

In the space provided please enter the outlines of a proposed PDX experiment, including the names of the drugs to be tested and combined, the characteristics of the PDX models to be used, brief preclinical and clinical rationale, and your contact information. PDXNet investigators who are interested in your concept will contact you.