RFA: Feasibility and Planning Studies for Development of SPOREs to Investigate Cancer Health Disparities

April 16, 2019

DF/HCC is coordinating application submissions for a cancer disparities funding opportunity:

RFA-CA-19-034: Feasibility and Planning Studies for Development of SPOREs to Investigate Cancer Health Disparities (P20)

  • Purpose: The goals for this NCI funding opportunity include developing translational research programs focused on investigating cancer disparities. The P20 grants will support feasibility and planning activities to build cancer disparities research programs, with the expectation that the research programs will become competitive for a full P50 SPORE.
  • Due to a focus on understudied areas of cancer disparities, applications proposing prostate and breast cancer projects are not responsive for this issuance.
  • Four submission dates: June 19, 2019, October 18, 2019, June 19, 2020, and October 18, 2020.

If you are planning a submission or are interested in taking a leadership role to plan a submission in response to this RFA please send an e-mail to DFHCC@partners.org. A letter from the DF/HCC Director is required to describe the integration and synergies between DF/HCC resources and those of the overall P20 Program. For more information about DF/HCC’s high priority areas for cancer disparities research, please visit Cancer in Massachusetts.

NCI will hold a pre-application informational webinar on Tuesday, April 23 (NOT-CA-19-036). Note that all applications must propose translational research that will contribute to improved prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and/or treatment of cancers found to disproportionately affect specific racial/ethnic minority populations. Furthermore, all research projects must be focused upon knowledge of human biology with a translational human endpoint proposed.

All the proposed P20 programs must include a minimum of two well-developed translational research projects, as well as contribute significantly to the development of specialized shared resources core facilities, improved research model systems, and collaborative research activities with other institutions, P20 awardees, and/or current SPORE grantees.